Stories Of Changes

Damini's Story​

Damini said - "Hume school jana bhot achaa lagta hai, udhar jhula bhi hai"

Damini happens to be a jolly, cheerful and happy kid initially at ngo, she was not very responsive as she was nervous but as time passed, she became comfortable with us. she couldn’t even read and write but now she’s one of our bright student. she is 9 year old kid and study in 3rd standard, living with her family, her father is a balloon seller and there parents are very supportive and wants to educate her.

damini used to wander in the street near kall mata mandir in search of any amount of income that she can possibily get from begging due to her straitened circumstances the girl couldn’t get access to education but now she goes to school with her siblings, she used to be unorganized and messy person but we can see a change in her now she is disciplined and look after her hygiene. other day we held a kho-kho game competition where she was full of energy and enthusiasm.

we held art and crafts competition where she did not win the competition but definitely won our heart to many more ‘daminis’ out there. step up helping hands ngo will always be your guardian angel!

Muskan's Story

With all the thrill joy excitement and eagemess muskan would come to attend our education camp she was the joillest of all kids previously she would roam in nearby streets all day, often have seen her begging in the street her father sells flowers in the streets and her mother sells toys she was notorious yet was very determined to leam she used to love drawing pictures more than writing. muskan used to give her full focus on whatever we by to teach her apart from good in learning she was also active in playing sports and making rangoll, on games day, she would be excited to play all the games be whatever it is either cricket or chess. she was always excited to do something new she has improved a lot, earlier she had some difficulty in reading and writing but with time she has improved herself she started to make herself look more tidy and comb her hair in braids we had trained her so well now she is looking forward to get admitted in a school once the situation gets normalised, muskan is all set to fill her life with new colors

Ritik's Story

Little kids have so many dreams, their happiness lies in small things they crave small gestures of kindness ribk, he was one of our kid from educational camp, he was very shy initially, he, not at all speak anything, not a single word. if we ask a question, he would not tell the answer he would not focus on class much, he will just come and sit, but slowly something changed in him, he started to take part in class. he started to interact with the volunteers he was not very excited to go to school at start, but now he often asks when i will go to school when I will get my uniform, will there be playground in school? I will make new friends, he started to talk now whenever he will come for class he will ask chocolate from everyone. he plays cricket so well whatever he tries to do be it learning or sports he does with full determination, he has improved a lot and he will do better in upcoming future he just needed little push and encouragement to overcome his fears.