A Step Towards Greatness

Charity isn’t a necessity but your responsibility towars the society

Our Vision

Our Organization provides needful education to deprived children by channelizing efforts of the youth to eradicate educational inequality from the society along with creating awareness of Healthcare and awareness of the environment and health concerns.

Key Focus Areas



We all are in the century where everything is growing up everyday, we observe that the world is changing seconds by seconds and this all happens because of technology and research.


People have everything in their life; money, house, well-settled family, relative, etc., but they do not have a good health. We see that many people have lots of health related issues in their life.

Women Empowerment

Everybody talk about gender equality, what is meaning of gender? It defines that person is male or female. now people are saying that male and female organs are different.

Our Impact

Underprivileged people, who are not privileged or doesn’t have any advantage, living in slum areas and on the streets, leading their life where there’s no food and clean drinking water, no money, deprived of sanitization facilities and proper houses.

Some Stories Of Changes

Muskan said – “ab main school jaungi aur bahot sundar drawing bnaungi”

With all the thrill joy excitement and eagerness muskan would come to attend our education camp. she was the joillest of all kids previously she would am in nearby streets all day oben i have been her begging in the street her father sells flowers in the streets and her mother ses toys she was notonous yet was very determined to leam, the used to love drawing pictures more than writing muskan used to give her full focus on whatever we try to each her apart from good in leaming she was also active in playing sports and making rangol on games day, ane would be excited to play all the games be whatever it is ther cricket or chadd she was always excited to do something new she has improved a lot earlier she had some difficulty in ding and writing out with time she has improved herself she started to make herself look more tidy arid comb her has by braids we had trained her awl now she is looking forward to get admitted in a school once the situation gets normalized Muskaan is all set to her life with new colors

Words From Volunteer

Nisha Jha

"Teaching kids and spending time with them is something I've always fond of on days when i see little innocent kids begging on streets instead of laming in class. i always wonder aren't these kids have the right to get education, have proper attire to wear and food to eat they are born poor, it's not their fault. these small kids are buffering and deprived of healthy and necessary stuff of life. this thought has always ached my heart, that's why I joined the NGO, I've always been compassionate about doing anything good and productive for these poor kids. I'm extremely happy after joining the step up helping hands, here in this NGO they not only focus on educating the kids as well as in maintaining their good health also. I take immense delight in teaching these kids. I love to spend my time with them. it makes me feel alive and fills my heart with joy".

Akshay Buyan

"if you can't help hundreds just help one !! we all have the ability to make difference !" we can become someone's helping hand by giving a jest of our things to needy in this human world, the misery of the humans can only be lifted by the humans, who are courageous and conscientious enough to take real actions, instead of meekly hoping and praying for an illusory divine intervention. From the very beginning step up helping hand team is working against poverty the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." keeping this in mind we help children in their education, in the hearts of the helpless stand unbending as the flag of courage.


Step Up Helping Hands