India is a largely populated country with diverse people living. The highest crowd of people, i.e. 6.5 crore population of India lives in slums. A slum is a residential area with substandard housing that is poorly serviced and/or overcrowded, and therefore unhealthy, unsafe, and socially undesirable, which makes the target area of building up as the nations strength. Education is the strong weapon to be used for making the nation strong and progress towards development. As the maximum population resides in the slums, educating them becomes the responsibility as the youth. 


The overall goal in education aims at supporting all children to realise their right to access to quality education. To achieve this,our organisation supports projects in basic education with considerable emphasis on the delivery of out-puts targeting needy communities and disadvantaged girls and boys. In previous years this has been done largely through the construction of classrooms in schools and supporting vulnerable sponsored children with basic school needs such as books and uniforms. This has not been linked to educational outcomes.

Statement of the Problem and Justification

Over 30% of the country’s  entire population, people residing in slums occupy. The major challenges of the slum dwellers include high levels of unemployment, low quality housing, lack of health care, hunger, domestic violence and drug abuse lack of and / or poor educational facilities. Our organisation the support of both organizations; individuals to confront the obstacles of poverty, disease, social alienation of children to empower them realize their dreams as productive and healthy citizens.

Vision and Proposed Project Strategy


Striving to assume a programmatic approach to addressing secondary education and training for children from extremely poor backgrounds in the slums that addresses the whole person; lifts their hopes and aspirations, and enables them to reach their true potential in whatever area; be it academic, artistic, or practical; prepares them for life, work and membership of society, thus breaking the cycle of poverty.

Proposed Project Strategy

We as an organisation believe in education is very important and teaching the children present in slums indeed enlightens them by education.Teaching programmes on weekends and weekdays. Call in for volunteers to teach the children on weekends and weekdays. Donation drive for basic commodities for the school and education.

Overall Goal, Objectives, and Strategy

  • Improved community (children, youth, male and female) capacity to participate in holistic development of their schools and communities
  • Increased completion of primary education particularly that of the girl child in the  programme areas
  • Increase access to quality basic education (ECCD, primary and secondary)for  children 
  • Increase access to adolescent health information and services particularly that relating to sexual and reproductive health (including STI, HIV AIDS) among pupils.
  • Increased awareness and respect for the rights of the child by caregivers/parents, teachers and other duty bearers
  • Increased awareness on child rights by children and their responsibilities in the realization of their rights.