About US

Who We Are

With the vision of bringing a positive change in the nation, “step up helping hands”, an ngo, a dedicated non-profit organization helps the underprivileged and deprived section of the society for their upliftment. Our organization is continuously emphasizing on providing the necessary education to the woeful children by channelizing the efforts of the youth to eradicate educational inequality from the society. We also focus on providing primary health care facilities, corrective surgeries. Our NGO organizes various awareness programmed in view of environment and health to provide basic knowledge regarding the same healthcare camps are also being conducted by the team of the organization for the regular checkups.

This organization, “step up helping hands”, also helps the youth to put in their contributions towards building a glorious nation, our volunteers are well disposed and make the services available at any point of time, we also distribute the required items such as food packets, stationary and other essential goods to the needy people. Our organization has enrolled many kids in government school and has sponsored their education.

Our organization’s vision is to develop the society in all possible aspects so that a bright future could be attained at not only individual level but also at the global level, in addition, women empowerment is also one of the major topic our organization has been working on we, at “step up helping hands”, are stepping up for the betterment of the society so that the impoverished could also step up from the obstacles of poverty and lack of resources, you can also join us for providing your valuable contribution to the cause.


Respects of human rights

VALUES Respect of human rights the obligation of states to respect human rights means that they must refrain from interfering with or cutting- down the enjoyment of human rights. human rights ensures that each person must have food, housing and clothing along with liberty, equality and security against any kind of abuse.


Our entire team of step up helping hands is hardly working towards achieving the quality of work that people can appreciate. We are trying our best to being true to people and fulfill all the commitments.


Our NGO encourages people to take commitments against challenging situations to do any possible efforts to improve deprived people’s life.


We are totally devoted and working honestly, following all moral and ethical principles to do right thing in any circumstances. We would do nothing to dishonor anybody or any other organization.


Our paramount focus is on imparting education to each and every youth and adult, promote women empowerment, create awareness regarding mental health issues, take necessary and suitable action against any kind of violence occurred either on women, children or old age individuals encouragement towards environment protection.